In these two situations, Marie was faced with owners and senior managers who were all male and all quite skeptical of her experience and abilities. Marie, in both cases, took charge and made significant progress and implemented a number of positives changes, in spite of the resistance she met at the beginning of the engagements.
-Bruce Carlyle, Senior VP Gulf Pacific, Inc.

Marie Manvel has worked closely with us over the past several weeks, providing us the needed tools to get our company moving in the right direction. Marie worked closely with Dr. Jacobs and myself in the preparation of Key Staff members job descriptions and has done an excellent job in training management to develop the needed Job descriptions for the departments.
-Director of Consulting, Gulf Pacific, Inc.

Marie was hired by me as a Staff Consultant for our company, a professional business development firm. She was hired to perform as a business consultant for clients engaging our services. She was comfortable and effective in her dealings with the CEO and senior management in the companies where she was assigned projects. She was one of the best that I observed in recent times, in analyzing client problems, then quickly and effectively developing and implementing solutions. She was knowledgeable, appeared very comfortable and performed well in every functional area she was assigned responsibilities – sales/marketing, operations, financial, or administrative. Her understanding of executive management, her ability to communicate and train senior level managers as well as this subordinates was rater outstanding by me and her clients. Her overall job performance was outstanding.
-Bruce Carlyle, Senior VP Gulf Pacific, Inc.

Marie Manvel worked full time at Reynard Corporation for the next 5 weeks implementing the various recommendations. It was not an easy task and she did an outstanding job. It would have been impossible for me to implement the needed changes because I was too busy and to close to the company.
-President, Reynard Corp.

Marie was thorough in her work and had an extremely positive impact on my business. I look forward to her completing the remainder of the job program, as a matter of fact; there is no one else that I would consider to consult with me on business operations.
-President, Micro-Trim

My first experience with a consultant was a bit overwhelming. I then had a chance to work with Marie Manvel. Marie was much easier to communicate with that the previous consultant. She clearly understood the challenges facing the company and addressed them in a way that made sense to me. Ms. Manvel exceeded my expectations.
-President, Micro-Trim

“It is my pleasure to recommend Marie Manvel; she is a highly accomplished leader with strong marketing and operational skills. She is a results-oriented, decisive leader with proven success in managing both top line sales and bottom profits. She is a self-starter, with proven track record of multi-unit management, marketing, P&L management, and strategic planning. I had the honor of working with Marie during full tenure at RMI and following her career after and I truly believe that she would make an extremely positive asset to any team.”
-Billy Bryant, VP of Sales, Rotonics

Marie is a very focused professional that has always had a firm grasp on her role and responsibilities at Gulf Pacific. Her dynamic and positive approach took her from Senior Consultant to Senior Vice President in a short time. I worked with Marie on a number of projects while she was a Senior Consultant for our firm. She quickly developed a great rapport with her clients. Her efforts assisted clients to improve productivity, streamline many business processes and increase profitability.

Marie was promoted to Senior Vice President of E-Commerce for the firm and developed the department from scratch. As a member of the senior corporate staff Marie worked effectively with other staff and contributed greatly to improve Gulf Pacific’s efforts to provide quality support for our clients.

I would recommend Marie for any role that needs a very bright, dynamic and experienced professional manager.”
-Bruce Carlyle, Sr. VP Ecommerce, Gulf Pacific

I give Marie Manvel my highest recommendation. She is an extremely bright and capable executive who can take a project from start to finish. On top of that she is a caring person and dedicated to whatever she commits herself to at work and in her volunteer work as well. Ms. Manvel will make an excellent addition to whatever group she aligns herself with.”
-Patrick Reynolds, Founder, City of Hope Presidents Council


“Marie has many qualities that are admirable. She is a fighter for justice but more importantly she hasa selfless, compassionate love for people. I can say for a fact that Marie is a woman of great character, which is rare to find. I admire Marie and I count myself wealthy to have her as a friend in my life”

“Throughout the scope of our relationship I have found Marie to be an intelligent, perceptive, and professional individual. her experience in leadership and consulting in the private sector has supported our programs greatly. She brings valuable understanding and vision to everything she does. What most impresses me about Marie, however, is the humility with which she carries her experience and credentials. She has never once chosen to demean or supersede the authority of another individual for the sake of her ego or pride. She is consummate contributor when she is passionate about what is before her.”
-John, Church Leader

“I have had the chance to get to know Marie, and I can say without a doubt that you are dealing with a person of very good moral character. Marie operates with integrity and honesty, and never has a bad word to say about anyone. She is hard working and dedicated and never leaves a job unfinished. She is compassionate, which has caused her to be an encourager and a generous giver to this in need. On a personal level, may I just sat that I really like Marie , and I have no doubt about her abilities to succeed in the future.”
-Steve, Church Leader

“I highly doubt any one will come close to being a more impactful person in my life – [Marie] has set the bar high. She is an activator and encourager of the gifts and talents of other people. She sets the stage for people to be brought up to her level of professionalism and wellness. For all my years having participated in personal development leadership programs, conducted meetings with executive-level position holders, and consulting with businesses in online marketing, the impact she’s making on my life is graduating me to a higher level. I consider myself very fortunate to get to work for her and learn from her. I desire to be more like her in character, enthusiasm, and resourcefulness as a person.”

“I have know Marie for the past for years both as a member of the church ad as a personal friend. In my interactions with her, I have found her to be an honest, concerned, and reliable person. In many instances, I was very aware of her personal integrity and loyalty to her family. Her willingness to forgo personal and career aspirations in order to assist her mother as she aged I found to be a most admirable trait. I consider Marie to be truly an outstanding individual and friend in my life. She has been loving, caring, and unselfish to me and people I see her with. She promotes community empowers others, infuses joy in an situation, loves those who are hard to love, and shares resources with others without hesitation.”

“I have found Marie to be a kind hearted and loyal individual. She is always bringing her unique skills to the table of relationships in our community and to other churches we are affiliated with. She has volunteered her time, resources, talent, and expertise in our young church and is devoted to our church. She has always respected my authority and relationship as a pastor and has never challenged my role. She has also been a generous contributor and I have seen the sacrificial was she lives financially always thinking of others. She has offered her apartment for guests, given away artwork that she painted and she has made financial contributions to the poor.”

“I admired your honesty and your high moral standards, whatever we were doing, and wherever we were. I could relax when I was around you because I know that you were not going to talk against anyone or any of the organizations that we attended together. You had something nice to say about them, or you just didn’t say anything. It seemed like you just always wanted to help keep things running peacefully. I noticed some unfair this people did to you, but you have such a forgiving nature, Marie, you are such a great example to those who truly know you. I am trying to be more like you.”

“Marie is an intelligent, capable, dedicated, and personable woman. She is straightforward, witty and genuine, in all the circumstances I’ve seen her in. She has been very supportive to those around her and has been very generous with her time and resources to help others. I feel confident in saying that she is capable of handling any situation with ease and maturity and considers others before she considers herself… Mare is a person of good moral character, and I can recommend her to you without reservation. If you have an questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.”
-Steven, Church Leader

“Marie was always faithfully and consistently there to man the program. I could always count on her being there and participating faithfully with all her heat. She never had cause to question me about her duties, which she performed excellently. She showed that she was organized and she was a self starter, which I appreciate very much.”

“Marie has a vibrant and enthusiastic personality that is also very strong. It is in this strength that she allows herself to become a contributor to any organization or group she aligns herself to. She is a flexible individual and does not hold any unreasonable expectations about how she interacts with those around her.”
-John, Church Leader

“I have know Marie for 6 years in my work as a Pastor. In all the time I have known her, Marie has shown to be compassionate, kind, helpful, and open to others. Marie has offered her services and help at many different points, whether in helping create a business plan, or simply in volunteering to help the community in any area of need.”
-Jesse, Senior Pastor

“I’ve known Marie for a few years now, and one thing sticks out above everything else. She is extremely loyal. She has always believed in me and what I do, and she is very generous. It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be where I an now if it wasn’t for her, and I mean that in the best of ways. Her passion for the right thing consistently shines.”

Marie Manvel Speaking